Developing relationships with families is essential at Young Wonders Preschool as we believe that children are best understood in the context of their families. Family involvement provides invaluable insight for student learning and success. Through respectful and frequent communication we can best support the growth and development of each child. 

Our classroom is often a child’s first community outside of the family. We strive to maintain a warm, nurturing and healthy environment for children to develop a positive sense of self and learn how to be a contributing member of a group.

How families can be involved:

  • Visit and participate in the classroom:

    • Read or tell stories to children before goodbyes

    • Share a special interest or hobby

    • Share your family's cultural backgrounds and traditions

    • Celebrate your child's birthday

    • Volunteer for special events and holiday celebrations

  • Attend parent and teacher conferences

  • Chaperone field trips

  • Participate in community picnics, potlucks and collection drives

  • Read our monthly newsletter

  • Ask questions!