We believe children thrive in a safe, supportive environment where they can explore their world, be affirmed in their inquiry, develop healthy social relationships and freely express themselves. Our philosophy and approach draws from a rich body of child-development theory and practice including Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Emergent Curriculum and Lev Vygotsky.

As play is vital to a child’s growth and development, Young Wonders children are supported as active learners, offering curriculum choices that are responsive to their interests. Providing an environment that allows a child the freedom to discover their natural curiosity makes learning fun and develops a child’s creativity, intellect and social skills.

As an Eco-Healthy Child Care certified preschool, we emphasize a non-toxic environment, natural and nature-based materials and time each day spent outside exploring our world.

Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” 
 Joseph Chilton Pearce